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"Violinismo" by Miguel Angel González Aguado

"Violinismo" is a composition by Miguel Angel González Aguado for two classical guitars that is included in his second album Composiciones Secretas. Miguel Angel González Aguado is the author of all the compositions that his records have. All his records are instrumental. In this website you can see the list of digital stores on internet where you can buy them. Most of the times you can listen to some parts like a sample in these stores.

The scores' preview in solfa of "Violinismo" is on Google Books. You can see it from many countries of the world like for example Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Russia, Brazil and many more.

Why to learn solfa.

Many guitar students like to read music in tabulate but when they know to play a bit Miguel Angel González Aguado encourages them to learn solfa so they know the notes of the scales or chords they play and don't have to memorize them without any reason, since they learn their origin and formation. Also although some tabulates imitate quavers, quarters, half notes, etc... most of them don't have this important information, so you must hear or have heard what you are playing to know the speed of each one of the notes, meanwhile that's shown in solfa scores like the scores and books by Miguel Angel González Aguado.

More recommendations:

Miguel Angel González Aguado has a 30 years long History of Concerts. In this website you can have all the information about Miguel Angel González Aguado like for example his academic degrees from Conservatoire and University, and the guitar lessons that he offers. In 2018 he released the single Piensa que lo lograrás, then the album Fuerza de Voluntad and then the single Paseando por Madrid. These are the places where you can find his records and his other scores and books.

Last News: "Confía en Mí" published!

His new album Confía en Mí is already published!! and available on these digital platforms with his other records. With this album, he gives thanks to God and reflects the love that Jesus feels for us and that he never abandons us as is sometimes thought, but rather comes to the aid of every person who accepts him in the soul.

The single Te va a ayudar was published on May 23. It's the single from this new album and the track no 6 of the album. Both, album and single are dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth.