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Single "Te va a ayudar" by Miguel Angel González Aguado

The single "Te va a ayudar" is published since May 23rd 2023 and available on digital platforms around the world along with his other albums. It's the single from his new album Confía en Mí also published on 2023 (the 5th of June).

"Te va a ayudar" is a composition for violins 1st and 2nd, violas, cellos and double basses 1st and 2nd. Miguel Angel González Aguado is the author of this composition and all of his records. "Te va a ayudar" will also be included in his new album "Confía en Mí" both records are dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth, being a very pleasant and encouraging music. And it's because "Te va a ayudar" (in English "He is going to help you") symbolizes the overcoming of people, don't be discouraged no matter what happens, no matter how difficult a situation may be, God will help you, and turn the bad into good.

"Te va a ayudar" lasts 3:43 min and is the shortest composition on the album "Confía en Mí" ("Trust Me") whose longest composition lasts 11:33 minutes. His other singles of 2018 last longer Paseando por Madrid 3:56 minutes (thirteen more seconds) and the single "Piensa que lo lograrás" ("Think you will achieve it") with 6:37 minutes.

More Curiosities:

This instrumental formation in sextet (violins 1st and 2nd, violas, cellos and basses 1st and 2nd) is present in other compositions by Miguel Angel González Aguado as "Misericordia", "Agradecer es Confiar" or Piensa que lo lograrás.

Miguel Angel González Aguado is the author of all the compositions that have his instrumental records and many more works. On this website you can learn about his 30-year concerts history. He also works teaching guitar lessons. He's in possession of Conservatoire and University degrees.