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"Vals de las Áconas" by Miguel Angel González Aguado

"Vals de las Áconas" is a composition by Miguel Angel González Aguado included in his second album Composiciones Secretas. It's for two classical guitars. In this quiet and magical piece in which both guitars make a surprising dialogue between them. "Vals de las Áconas" was recorded in a way that you can hear one guitar in each speaker and if you listen to it with headphones, you hear one guitar in each ear so you can enjoy more that dialogue. Something similar to this happens in other pieces of this album. He has more records published all instrumental and completely composed by him.

You can find the score's preview in solfa of "Vals de las Áconas" on Google Books from many countries of the world like for example Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Russia, Brazil and many more.

Last News:

His new album Confía en Mí was published in 2023 and it's available on these digital platforms with his other records. The frontpage is a portrait of a very close Jesus of Nazareth who comes to help everyone who accepts him in the heart. God feels for all of us a great love and never abandons us as is sometimes thought.

The single Te va a ayudar was also published in 2023. It's the single from this new album and the track no 6 of the album. Both, album and single are dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth.

And Miguel Angel González Aguado has loaded to YouTube a video with his proposal for the Community of Madrid Anthem! composed by him: it's his composition Paseando por Madrid in anthem format for the CAM.

In 2018 Miguel Angel González Aguado released the single Piensa que lo lograrás, then the album Fuerza de Voluntad and then the single Paseando por Madrid. And before that the album Composiciones Secretas (where is "Vals de las Áconas") in 2013 and the album "Canción de Invierno" in 2000. These are the places where you can find his records and his other scores and books.

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