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Welcome to the website of Miguel Angel González Aguado!

His records

Miguel Angel González Aguado is a composer, guitarist and teacher. As composer his specialty is the instrumental music. His 5 records are instrumental and entirely composed by him. He is also the artist who plays in them.

In 2018, he released three new instrumental records: Piensa que lo lograrás that is the single of his album Fuerza de Voluntad (also published that year) and one more single Paseando por Madrid. He has two more instrumental records: Canción de Invierno published on the year 2000 and Composiciones Secretas published in 2013. All these records are available in digital stores on internet in more than 70 countries of the World, where you can listen to them and buy them.

His books and scores

In this website you can find where you can buy his books and scores and read all the information about his works.

Guitar and bass lessons

As a teacher Miguel Angel González Aguado offers guitar and bass lessons in Madrid city (Spain) and the north area or Carretera A 1 of Madrid. If you don't live in Madrid you may take guitar lessons online from any place of the world. He also offers other instruments lessons. In this website you can see his academic qualification and degrees from Conservatoire and University and see his 30 years long history of concerts.