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Online guitar, bass, music and Spanish vacation courses.

This year 2020, due the general security measures established in Spain to avoid the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, vacation courses are available in online format by videocalls on web platforms as Skype or Zoom. You can learn this way perfectly well! Miguel Angel González Aguado has a great professional experience of more than 25 years teaching. In this website you can see the information about his qualifications from Conservatoire and University. These are the courses he offers on holidays periods:

-1. Three days courses.

Consists on a daily hour guitar or bass lesson in which you'll actually learn to play some songs even if you never played before:

-Day 1: The first lesson you will start playing basic songs.

-Day 2: He is going to teach you some easy songs of your favorite type of music: rock, classical, flamenco, blues, heavy...

-Day 3: In this lesson you will learn to play four well known songs that he'll choose for you, considering your improvement.

In the other hand you can also add an hour Spanish daily lesson.


The three days guitar course costs 50 € and the guitar and Spanish course 78 €.

-2. Five and ten days courses.

Likewise Miguel Angel González Aguado offers a five days course of a daily guitar or bass lesson, for example from Monday to Friday at 82 €. If you also take an hour daily Spanish lesson the price of the course is 130 €.

If it's a ten days course, for example two weeks from Monday to Friday one hour guitar or bass lesson every day, the price would be 167 € and if you also take the daily Spanish lesson 260 €.

-3. Spanish courses.

Similarly, a Spanish three days course of a daily hour lesson would cost 40 €. If it's a daily lesson for five days would cost 68 € and if it's for ten days 137 €.

-4. Singing in Spanish. Classes language selection.

Students may choose the language of the guitar or bass courses. Miguel Angel González Aguado speaks a fluent English but if the students choose to take the lessons in Spanish, they could practice this language at the same time. It's also possible to take the lessons in both languages for better understanding and major comfort of the student.

Contact information:

Phone number (Spain): +34 658 91 00 99

Skype account: canciondeinvierno

e-mail: clases@canciondeinvierno.com