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Listen and buy in MP3 the records by Miguel Angel González Aguado

This is the list of internet stores where you can listen and buy in MP3 the albums "Canción de Invierno", "Composiciones Secretas" and "Fuerza de Voluntad", and the singles "Piensa que lo lograrás", "Paseando por Madrid" and "Te va a ayudar" that is the single of his new album "Confía en Mí".

Last News: "Confía en Mí" published!

The new album "Confía en Mí" is already published!! and available on these digital platforms with his other records. It's dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth.

All these records are entirely composed by Miguel Angel Gonzalez Aguado. Most of the times you can listen to some parts like a sample in these stores.


-All the World: Apple - Spotify - Amazon - eMusic

-United States of America (USA): Apple USA - 7 Digital USA - Spotify - Tidal - Deezer - Napster - Amazon - Pandora - eMusic - Soundcloud

-United Kingdom (UK): 7 Digital UK - Apple UK - Tidal - Spotify - Napster - Amazon - eMusic

-Canada: Apple Canada - 7 Digital Canada in English - 7 Digital Canada en Français - Tidal - Spotify - Amazon

-Australia: Apple Australia - Tidal - eMusic - Spotify - Amazon

-New Zealand: Apple New Zealand - Spotify - 7 Digital New Zealand - Tidal

-Japan: Apple Japan - Amazon - kkbox - Spotify - Tidal

-India: Apple India - Tidal - eMusic - Spotify

-Singapore: Apple Singapore - 7 Digital Singapore - kkbox - Spotify

-Ireland: Apple Ireland - 7 Digital Ireland - Napster

-Spain: Apple España - 7 Digital España - Deezer - Spotify - Napster - Amazon - eMusic - Tidal

-France: Apple France - 7 Digital France - Deezer- Napster - Tidal - Qobuz - Amazon

-South Korea: Apple - Tidal - eMusic - Spotify

-Sweden-Sverige: Apple Sweden - Deezer - 7 Digital Sweden - Napster - Tidal

-Finland-Suomi: Apple Suomi - Deezer - Napster - 7 Digital Suomi - Tidal

-Russia: Apple Russia - Deezer

-Israel: Apple Israel - Tidal - eMusic - Spotify

-Poland-Polska: Apple Polska - Deezer

-Turkey: Amazon

-Ukrania: Deezer

-Hong Kong: kkbox - Apple Hong Kong - Spotify

-Taiwan: kkbox - Apple Taiwan

-Malaysia: kkbox - Apple Malaysia

-Thailand: Apple Thailand - Spotify

-Slovenia: Apple Slovenia

-Eesti-Estonia: Apple Eesti

-Lietuva-Lithuania: Apple Lietuva

-Latvija-Letonia: Apple Latvija

-Indonesia: Apple Indonesia

-Philippines: Apple Philippines

-Africa: simfyafrica

-Botswana: Apple Botswana

-Nigeria: Apple Nigeria

-South Africa: Apple South Africa

-Tunisie: Apple Tunisie

-Kenya: Apple Kenya

-Cameroun: Apple Cameroun

There are more links listed by countries in the section en Español and in the section auf Deutsch in this website.

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In this website there is also information about the places where you can find the scores and books by Miguel Angel González Aguado.