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Guitar lessons along A 1 road of Madrid.

Miguel Angel González Aguado offers classical, electric, acoustic and bass guitar lessons at home in Carretera N 1 of Madrid are in places like La Moraleja, El Encinar de los Reyes, Ciudalcampo, Fuente el Fresno and Santo Domingo resorts. Lessons are for students of all ages. You can learn rock, heavy, classical music, folk music, flamenco, etc... Miguel Angel González Aguado has a great professional profile and is a qualified teacher with "Guitar Teacher Superior Degree" from Conservatoire and "Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica" from University (that means he's got a Secondary or High School Music Teacher Degree).

Prices of the lessons.

Lessons are one-hour weekly. The price of one lesson at home in a place far from the center of Madrid is from 25 to 30 euros depending on how is far or communicated your home. The first lesson has a 50 % discount. You can share the lesson and the price with another person.

Online option, the cheapest

The price of lessons at home rise with the costs of gas, time spent, etc... however, you might like to combine some face-to-face classes with online classes or take them directly online, since the price of an hour online lesson is 17 €. If you take two lessons per week drops to 14 € each. The first lesson is a trial therefore a free lesson. You can share your lesson with another family member, for example your brother, at the same price.

It's possible to connect two students who are each one in his home in the same videocall. To motivate the smallest practice and also that the classes are entertaining and not too long, he offers 2 lessons per week of 40 minutes each, at 20 euros per week in total (that is 10 euros each student). A standard 8 lessons month would be 40 euros each student. It should also be taken in consideration some standards for the good development of the lessons.

Contact information.

Phone (Spain): +34 658 91 00 99 (English is spoken)

Phone (Spain): +34 687 31 00 93 (English is spoken)


More recommendations

You may be interested on his other instruments online lessons like piano, sitar, mandolin,... and also music theory and harmony as well as Spanish lessons. And this year 2022 he also offers summer courses of guitar, bass and Spanish. Join now!

More information

Miguel Angel González Aguado is the author of many works. One of them, Tormenta is for an electric and a classical guitar that he combines during the piece and, at the end, he plays both guitars at the same time: with one hand each. In this website you can also see the information about the places where you can listen and buy his records. He has five records published: Canción de Invierno since the year 2000 (where "Tormenta" is), Composiciones Secretas in 2013 (both are albums) and in 2018 he released the single Piensa que lo lograrás, the album Fuerza de Voluntad and another single Paseando por Madrid. All these records are instrumental and entirely composed by him. Now he is recording a new album, although it will still take a long time to be published.