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Videos of Miguel Angel González Aguado.

Breaking news!

This is the proposal of Miguel Angel González Aguado for the Community of Madrid Anthem that is his composition Paseando por Madrid in anthem format for the CAM.

Miguel Angel González Aguado started his main YouTube channel on November 2011, in which you can watch many videos, where you can see him playing some pieces. Some of these videos were taped in 1993 and some at the present time. All these videos are grouped in the following playlists:

-1. "Concierto Evolución de la guitarra a través de los tiempos" that has 17 videos and it's a sample of how is the type of concert "Evolution of the guitar through the times". In this type of concert he plays music by classical authors like Francisco Tárrega, Georg Friedrich Haendel, Beethoven,... and Miguel Angel González Aguado. This proposal may also become a didactic course.

-2. "Concierto selección de obras de Miguel Angel González Aguado" that has 31 videos and it's a sample of how is the type of concert "Selection of works by Miguel Angel González Aguado" that consists on playing a selection of his own music.

-3. "Basic videos for guitar students", with some videos explaining how to tune the guitar, how to put a string in the guitar, the origin of the chords (explained with a electric guitar) and the sympathy resonance of the guitar.

-4. "Videos básicos para estudiantes de guitarra", is like the one before in Spanish.

Second YouTube channel of Miguel Angel González Aguado.

Miguel Angel González Aguado has another YouTube channel with videos of some of his compositions like "Paseando por Madrid" (hymn format that we mentioned before and full format), "Otro Invierno Más", "Tormenta",... and these playlists:

-1. "My compositions with one or more electric guitars" (Mis composiciones con una o más guitarras eléctricas) in which you can watch the videos of some his compositions: the ones with one or more electric guitars, specifically "Tormenta", "Miedo al Fracaso", "Está Contigo en tu Soledad", "En la Gruta", "No lo dudes", "Encantamiento", "Guerra", "Fantasía Nostálgica" and "El Secreto del Tiempo". This playlist is made for electric guitar lovers!

-2. "My compositions with the lowest sounds" (Mis composiciones con los sonidos más graves). This playlist is made for those who love bass guitar and similar instruments since it has a selection of his compositions in which there are bass guitars or double basses: his new single "Te va a ayudar"! released on May, "Tierra Firme", "Está Contigo en tu Soledad", "No lo dudes", "Misericordia" and "Agradecer es Confiar" from his album Confía en Mí!!, "Con Esfuerzo", "Fantasía Nostálgica", "En la Gruta" and "Piensa que lo lograrás" and "Paseando por Madrid" Anthem and full formats.

-3. "My compositions in which there is no guitar" (Mis composiciones en las que no hay guitarra). There are 5 of his compositions in this playlist: "Te va a ayudar", "Piensa que lo lograrás" and "Misericordia" from his album Confía en Mí!! (this 3 for violins 1st and 2nd, violas, cellos and double basses 1st and 2nd), "La Senda de los Elefantes" (for Indian Sitar) and "Variámonas" (for violin and piano).

-4. "Songs by rock bands that I like" (Canciones de bandas famosas de rock que me gustan) with videos he found and liked of songs by famous rock bands he likes very much as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes, Jethro Tull, Dire Straits, Boston...

-5. "In difficult times" (En los momentos dificiles). Miguel Angel González Aguado is a believer and in this playlist he shares videos he found and liked about prayers and thoughts and also the videos of "Te va a ayudar" and "Piensa que lo lograrás", to say that in difficult times Jesus is here with us.

-6. "Interesting Videos" (Videos interesantes) in which there are videos he saw and liked about other things that are not music, for example about Madrid city so you can know better the region in which he lives.

-7. "Happy Winter". And in this playlist Miguel Angel González Aguado wishes you a good Winter start, there is a selection of his compositions related to the Winter season or you may like to listen in Winter.

-8. "Happy Summer". With this playlist he wish you a Happy Summer! You can listen to 10 of my compositiones he has chosen thinking you may like to listen on Summer

Channel "Miguel Angel González Aguado - Topic".

There is also a channel called "Miguel Angel González Aguado - Topic" automatically generated by YouTube, in which you can find the videos of his albums Fuerza de Voluntad and "Composiciones Secretas".

More information about Miguel Angel González Aguado

In this website you find information about the guitar lessons that he offers in Madrid city and the north area of Madrid or Carretera A 1 and his academic qualification and degrees from Conservatoire and University.